Sorry for the delay in posting, I had a couple of busy days there.

The kids at the leisure centre seemed to love the readings, the screams of excitement were ear-piercing… I take his opportunity to apologise to East Scotland for the noise level.

I have to return next week to pick up their art work, We’re looking forward to seeing it and adding it into “Huskyville Winter Olympics”

It was up early again this morning as Kia and I had a photo shoot, as always the diva behaved perfectly, though she did complain about being tired.

I’ll hopefully add the newspaper report tomorrow.

Take care all.


Sarah and Kia xx



After a few days rest, we are back again, full steam ahead.  I was ready to leave for the first of three visits to Linlithgow Leisure Centre when my phone rang.

“Hello, is that Sarah Shearer?”

“Yes, may I ask who is calling?”

“It’s Jen from Edinburgh Evening News, can I ask you a few questions?”

The interview commenced, the photo shoot was arranged and I was now rushing down the road. I don’t want to let the kids down.

I got there with two minutes to spare, the children sat all around me, I thought let’s do something different today, out came my unpublished work “Huskyville Winter Olympics”  The imagination of the children was ignited I was getting told stories about their pets….. dinosaurs and dragons, elephants, and they all live in the back gardens.

I asked my new friends if they liked to draw, I was almost deafened by the response, I have to return next week to pick up their artwork.

Better keep it short today, Kia is calling for her beauty treatments before  we go for our next photo shoot.

Will let you know how it goes later.

Take care all.


Sarah and Kia x


Today I’m not telling you about our day, I’m asking for your help with my next project……. “Huskyville Winter Olympics”

What’s that?  I hear you asking!

I’ve written the story, but when it comes to drawing, a monkey with a tin of paint could do better than me, so I thought maybe some boys and girls would like to see their artwork in a book,


Do you enjoy drawing?

Why not design an animal flag for Huskyville Winter Olympics?

Best flags will be published in the book, all flags will be added on my website

So if you shout Hurray for the Huskies and Hares,

are Passionate about the Polar Bears or Penguins,

go Manic over the Monkeys and Mice,

if you think the Elephants or Eagles are Excellent,

or maybe you like the Cool Cats or Krazy Koalas,

the Terrific Tortoises or maybe you just Love the Leopards.

Grab your favourite colours and design a flag for your winners.

Send your entries to

Let me know your date of birth too, so Kia can send you a special birthday wish.


Remember Kia and I always love to hear from you, so please keep in touch, we will answer you all.

Love and Kia sends a big slobbery kiss,

Sarah and Kia xx



Kia insisted that she have a rest day,

kia and terri chilling 005

She loves meeting people but a husky needs a day off once a year, “By the way mum how long is a year?” she asked me.

As she has been such a star I thought a nice doggy pamper day with her favourite human was called for.

First up, play time, and a nice long walk. Next, you don’t expect her to keep her fabulous coat without luxurious grooming sessions….. so a lovely afternoon in the sun as Kia got the full beauty treatment.  Even getting her tail backcombed.

Dinner time… What do you feed the diva dog?  “Tonight I think I shall order the noddle salad with a side order of hot dogs.”  Well it is her day off!

A drink with that, Princess?  “Oh please, not out that tap thing!” The Diva dog will only drink bottled water.

A nice relaxing evening getting snuggles, now time for bed.

kia t-shirt 001

Night folks, back soon.

Sarah and the most relaxed pampered Kia. xx


We had a fantastic time today meeting some people from Robin House in Balloch. (CHAS)

They all enjoyed our book reading, but one lad, Connor, had to keep checking the time as his team was playing later, he was going to Parkhead to watch Glasgow Celtic, he explained the rules and told us how we would know who was winning.  If Celtic was winning there would be cheers, if they were losing there would be a lot of bad language.

Kia of course had to come in to explore their fabulous gardens and say hello to everybody and as she is a keen gardener, check out what was happening.  She loved the attention she got, even getting to meet Hugh, one of the gardeners.   We said our goodbyes and headed back home.

Now, I am not what you’d call a big football fan, but Connor had sparked my interest so I sat down to watch the end of the match,  I told my Dad that Connor would be pleased as we approached the final whistle, Celtic were winning 2 – 0, Dad re explained everything I had been told earlier, Celtic need 3 clear goals to get through to the next round.

Well all I can say to end our post is that there will be one very happy boy in Robin House tonight, Celtic got their third goal in the final two minutes.  Hope you had a great time at the game Connor.

Love Sarah and Kia xx



I thought some of you might be interested in reading our press interview.  I’ve attached the newspaper article.

It makes me feel very proud if this helps even one person make a positive change to their life.

Back soon.


Sarah and Kia x



Yesterday we had our first press interview, complete with photographer.  We really became stars for the day.  It was off for the photoshoot first, a lovely setting in the grounds of Linlithgow Palace, well, where else could you photograph a Princess?  Kia was a diva!  “No I think I want to look at the birdies in the trees, oh cheeky photographer I’ll look at whatever is happening over in the opposite direction, can you not tell Kia wants profile shots?”

Eventually she settled down, the photos were amazing.  The first photoshoot out of the way. 

Next up, it’s my turn I have to give an interview, talk about being nervous, I took a deep breath, sat down and let the questions begin.  The reporter was fantastic, I can’t wait to see the article.  I think I may need to buy a few copies, the scrapbook needs to be filled.

Photos will follow shortly, the photographer has promised to send them along to me.

We will keep you updated on our happenings.

Ciao for now,

Sarah and Kia (The Photo Diva)


Sorry for the delay in posting, the computer decided to delete everything I typed.

Anyway, we have a lot to catch up on.. Thursday we headed over to Livingston, to The Almond Valley Heritage Centre.  What an interesting place, so much to do.  We took up our position in The Picnic barn to await any visitors that might enjoy a story.  We didn’t expect a big audience so imagine our surprise when about 30 boys and girls came in, they all sat down and then we began-   everyone joined in the fun of the story,  My favourite part was when I turned the tables on them…….. it was their turn to be the storytellers, the imagination of children will never stop amazing me, and keeps me challenged to write for their enjoyment.

After the story session was over, I thought Kia deserved a treat, so she got to see the model train that carries visitors around the centre ( she is an avid train spotter!!)

The good news is,  for anyone wanting a copy of “The Adventures Of Kia” it is now stocked in the gift shop at the Almond Valley Heritage Centre.

Back soon,

Sarah and Kia


Today I was honoured and humbled to visit Rachel House.  For those of you that don’t know what Rachel House is, it is a wonderful children’s hospice in Fife, Scotland.

We were welcomed with a glass of juice, then the book reading began, the smiles and interest I got were overwhelming.

We read a few chapters of “The Adventures of Kia.”  Then it was the turn of the audience,  what a fantastic story we told, it started with a purple hippo and a green giraffe then ended with  rainbow painted gathering area.  I had so much competition in the room today.

After we had finished with the story telling, I took in the guest of honour, the kids loved her and Kia loved them, she walked around the room making sure to talk to everyone.  I have never been so proud of my Princess.

We all said our goodbyes and we were off back down the road, leaving behind some of the bravest, most courageous people I am ever likely to be given the pleasure of meeting.


The first week brought us two successful readings.  We were welcomed on Tuesday at The Five Sisters Zoo, It was all aboard the good boat story time. The children seemed to love the book.  On a personal note, I enjoyed walking round the zoo, what a wonderful job they have done rebuilding after their terrible fire earlier this year.  They were anxiously awaiting the arrival of a newborn meerkat.  I could have spent all day watching the monkeys, they always have plenty to do to amuse everyone.  Kia and I would like to wish The Five Sisters in West Calder the best of luck and we will certainly make a visit whenever we are in the area.  Kia says she thinks you would all enjoy a visit to support them too.  Her favourite were the big bears.Italy to Scotland 012 Italy to Scotland 003 Italy to Scotland 009 Italy to Scotland 005

On Wednesday we visited the Gyle Shopping Centre in Edinburgh,  Again we were very well received.  The children and I were happily sitting on the mats provided, enjoying the Adventures of Kia, while the Mums and Dads wandered around the shopping centre.

Kia will be joining me for the next two readings this weekend at The Brucefield in Livingstone, we would love to see you there too, what a weekend, lunch, stories and fun.